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2008-03-11 09:10:02 by crackheadtrent

Safe everyone.

In order to avoid confusion, here's the deal with my submission names.

crackheadtrent is my profile name, and the name i use for comments, reviews and other things.

Pyromantis is my musical pseudonym. I use it for tunes i make and nothing else, so if you happen to d/l any of my stuff make sure that's what you put in the 'Author' section of the mp3s info thingy.

[EDIT] I'm not too bothered now actually...

Right, now that's out of the way...

I've been messing around with tune making programs for ages. I used to make a lot of sub-standard DnB, gabba and hardcore on a PS1 game called Music 2000. It's actually quite a good program, but it's a bit awkward to use and there's no way to add effects to tracks. So, after a bit i stopped. Then when i started to go college, I discovered Garageband. At first i simply used the beats and loops on the program, resulting in some decent but not really very good tunes. Soon enough i figured out how to use the keyboard, adjust loops and add effects to tracks. Now i'm making stuff which i hope is getting better and better, and is definately more fun to make.

I also use Logic sometimes to make orchestral soundtracks for short films and just for enjoyment, these are much better quality than my Garageband stuff so if anyones looking for an epic score for an epic game/movie go ahead and download away!

Tunes made on: Garageband, Soundtrack Pro (once), Logic Pro
Mastered using: Audacity


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2008-03-11 11:14:09

Good to know